Me and my shadow 🌘

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How much do you recognize your shadow?

It is the side of yourself you try not to share with the public. It is the most vulnerable part of who you are. It is the raw piece of yourself that you may not even fully recognize.

I know people who focus on Shadow Work (capital S, capital W). I’m not one of them.

In my own coaching practice, however, I’ve found that the hidden things are often what prevent us from true growth. So, to move forward, we have to uncover them.

It reminds me of my favorite Carl Jung quote: “That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” 🗺️

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Even for someone who is actively looking to see what can’t be seen, there is a maddening trick to our shadow: It doesn’t want to be found.

So it hides.

It becomes the repressive relationship that prevents you from being your true self, but you are yet to let go of. It shows as the seemingly unchangeable circumstances that only you can actually change. It reflects in the society that doesn’t recognize your true genius because you secretly need them to tell you how great you are.

It becomes the other.

It is easier to view yourself as the hero than to see you’re both the hero and the villain.

And the brighter the light, the longer the shadow. The more we get the accolades, acceptance, or love for our brightest light, the less likely we are to actually examine our darkening shadow.

Until our neglected, unloved side decides to unexpectedly show up 👻

On today’s #BringYourWorth live, I’ll share how to accept your dark side, why it matters, and what you can gain from the parts of you that feel shameful.

Bring your questions, thoughts, and Kleenex 👇🏾

Wednesday, April 24th

1:11 pm PT

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