When's the last time you rested? 🥱

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Hi reader,

I’ve fallen in love with sleep again.

Now, I have been a napper ever since I started my independent career. What’s the point of taking the occasional late nights, the risk, or the accountability of being indie if you don’t rest while you can within your own freedom?

But the pendulum swings. It is easy to forget the power of rest when deep in a new project, fired up by an idea, or hitting the stride approaching the finish line.

And, if you’re like me, that extra push comes from the belief that you will rest as soon as this is done. Did I tell you I run my own independent businesses? If you are a founder, then you know the work is never done.

Resting was, is, and always will have to be a conscious choice 🥱

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So when I feel the need to slow down a bit, called by the three-digit temperatures here in Vegas, the playfulness of my school-free children, or the simple reflection that comes with summer, I remind myself of the midnight oil burned during the winter, the moments missed while finishing a recent project, and the fact that this season, too, will pass.

And things rarely, if ever, fall apart when you get a bit more rest than you usually allow yourself to. It’s often just a matter of trusting that your body may know your rhythm and needs better than you do 🌊

Ready for a break, but need to keep your business running?

On today’s BringYourWorth.tv, I share tools to run your business on the road, create space for rest, and actually get out of the office guilt-free.

Bring your questions, feedback, and suitcase 👇🏾

Run Your Business While On Vacation: Live Q & A | #BringYourWorth 390

Wednesday, July 10th

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There’s always more. Rest while you can 🥱

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