How to focus 🏹

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How do you concentrate?

There are little hacks and tricks so common today - from turning off notifications on your phone to setting kitchen timers for bursts of productivity.

But what I’m really asking is how do you align with what is important to you. What is the path to zone in on those things most necessary?

How do you focus? 🕵🏾

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The many distractions today aren’t so much an attack on our attention, but a fog around our values. I don’t mean ethics. I mean simply the biggest priority in our lives at the moment. Our personal attention spans may vary. It still can be a decision over where, how, and with what we spend our time.

And if you don’t know your priority right now, then it gets a heck of a lot harder to focus on what’s important. You might not even see what is important in the long-term versus what feels good for short-term gain. 🤷🏾‍♀️

On today’s, we’ll talk about how to sharpen your focus, decide what to double down on, and what doesn’t deserve your attention.

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