Annoying people 🙄

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Hi reader,

The older I get, the less annoying other people get.

It’s not that my frustration with others is less. In fact, I can feel it increasing over the years.

Rather, I’m realizing how many things I don’t have to deal with.

There’s nothing quite like that moment when you realize you can leave a party early, end a friendship, or simply not interact with an annoying co-worker.

You have a choice. You always did 👏🏾

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This moment of self-empowerment makes another truth even more apparent: There are certain events, relationships, or career moments that ask you to go deeper than you want to.

Think of co-founding a business, legally committing to a romantic partnership, or spending time with your favorite family members… while having to see the others you can’t stand. Sure, you can quit, split, or leave, but there is more than stake than just ending an uncomfortable moment.

Sometimes showing up fully and dealing with the difficult dynamic is a better move in the long run 💥 🏃‍♂️‍➡️

On today’s #BringYourWorth live, I’ll share how to work with difficult people, addressing the tough conversations, and seeing how you may find commonality in folks you don’t like.

Bring your questions, thoughts, and open mind 👇🏾

Wednesday, May 1st

1:11 pm PT

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