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If you’ve been watching BringYourWorth.tv, you may have noticed a slowly creeping pile of books coming from the left-hand side, just under John Coltrane’s sepia horn. It is a precarious, beautiful stack, garnered mostly from the beginning of the year, commanding my attention for just as long.

I’ve been reading at least a book every two weeks, which is a lot for me, but I’ve been receiving, buying, or finding a new book seemingly every day. Which is a lot for me, too.

It’s tough to admit when you actually can’t keep the pace with how much you want to do / read / see / be. If you’re like me, you are more likely to step on the gas to catch up to your desires than to actually slow down the input.

Perhaps it’s a fear that if you don’t keep the pace with the opportunities, then the momentum will pass you by 💨

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I think part of the fight is that we want to put our energy where we are the most excited. Cracking open the new book from your favorite author? Exciting! Writing down the idea that appeared to you in a vision yesterday? Breathtaking!

Following through on what you committed to a month ago?


The secret is this: The more you make space for magic, the more likely it will appear.

In my dutiful Spring cleaning moments, I’ve recycled papers, tossed out stale ideas, and gave away some of my favorite possessions. And in that physical clearing, I felt a mental clearing, too. And in that mental clearing, I made room for new, interesting opportunities that were way more valuable than the old, stubborn ones I felt I needed to protect.

On today’s #BringYourWorth live, I’ll share ways to declutter your small business, get your paper trail and digital footprint organized, and how to finally handle overwhelming clutter one step at a time.

Bring your questions, thoughts, and recycle bins 👇🏾

Wednesday, May 15th

1:11 pm PT

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