How to reclaim your creative power 💥

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How will you harness and reclaim your creative power? 💥

There are two power structures that are intertwined, but separate: Being a creator and being a professional creator.

One just requires doing something. It is lovely. It is human. It is yours from birth.

The other requires a strategy. How did you want to get it to the people who will support it the most? Which gatekeepers did you want to work with, ignore, or go around altogether? Did you want to make some, if not all of your living from this creative work? What avenues are you going to take to build that momentum towards what you consider a profession?

Creation is flow. Profession is strategy 🧭

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Over the past year, I’ve been playing with the idea of our creative power strategy: Our way of getting our big ideas into the hands of the right people.

We can master the game, understanding the rules so we can be the best at mainstream methods.

We can disrupt the game, understanding the rules well enough so that we can challenge the system.

And we can overpower the game, creating enough buzz so that the system has to shift towards us.

I’ve talked on about how these three methods are represented by Michael Jackson, Prince & Jay-Z, and, more recently, by Drake, Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole.

Maybe you recognize your own strategy. Personally, I know I’ve done all three 👇🏾

On today’s, we’re doing a deep dive into the three creative power strategies based on the popular episodes.

Bring your questions, feedback, and blueprints👇🏾

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