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David Sanborn, one of my favorite musicians, died recently. He was 78.

His sax playing was amazing - as one critic put it, you could recognize his style in two notes - and his versatility added serious flavor to R & B, rock, and, his most well-known genre, modern jazz.

What I loved most, though, was Sanborn’s consistency.

He led the horns on David Bowie’s 1976 Young Americans album (performing alongside a babyfaced Luther Vandross). A decade later, he was the iconic 2-second sound to the Lethal Weapon movie series. And he built his own jazz following with Bob James, Al Jarreau, and other veterans.

It is the ability to regularly show up distinctively and also collaborate to make something greater than the sums of its parts. It is persistently being unique and cooperative. Always being yourself and recognizing the other.

It is consistency ♻️

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Consistency is such a loaded word.

Sometimes we confuse it with top performance every time. It isn’t. Consistency may be the opposite intention, as showing up regularly requires you to follow through even though you may not be at your personal best.

We can think it means being ruthless with ourselves. Consistency isn’t possible if you beat yourself up every time you miss a beat. Everyone falls short sometimes. Consistency is getting back in the rhythm as soon as you can after a miss. You can’t do that if you’re busy having guilt or shame over one mistake.

We start calling it a personality trait, as if some people are consistent and some people just aren’t. This is a cop out. Every single person is consistent at some things and could be more consistent at other things. It is not a fixed state - and everyone can improve 🏋🏾‍♀️

Tired of being inconsistent? On today’s, I’ll share how you can balance your commitments, show up consistently, and give yourself grace when you miss a beat.

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